Nail Services

*Nails by Maya only offers Soak off gel 

(Not offering hard gel, acrylics,Dip Nails, Pedicures)

Gel Nail ART

Gel Design LIGHT - 90min       

       Simple design on natural nails

Gel Design MEDIUM  -  120min    

       Detailed design on natural nails

Gel Design COMPLEX -  150min    

       Complex design on natural nails

Gel Design COMPLEX Ⅱ -  180min    




Gel Removal with new set 

Gel extension removal 

just Gel Removal  

Gel nail removal and cuticle care

Gel Extensions  (no acrylic)

nail Extension with gel

IBX nail treatment

Natural nail treatment for brittle  nails, nail biters and weak nail beds under any gel coating