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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Gel nails?

Gel nails are artificial nail enhancements cured by uv / led light

What is soak-off gel / Soft gel?

soak-off gel is normally flexible and can be soak off with solvents like acetone.

What is hard gel?

Hard gel is more durable than soft gel, their molecule bond is so strong that are unable to remove with acetone. Hard gel removal is done by filing. 

What is the difference between acrylic and gel?

Acrylics are nail enhancements made with liquid monomer and powder polymer. They became paste like texture once you mixed those two and then hardens in few minutes. 

Gel is a liquid resin that cured by uv or led lamp. Its main ingredient is oligomer. Unlike regular polish or acrylics, gel never dries without uv/led light.

What is dip nail? 

Dip nail is almost same as acrylic but instead of liquid monomer, the liquid base is mixed with glue. 

Which product is most healthy for nails?

Every product have pros and cons. Anything could damage your nails easily with improper application or removal.

How long does gel lasts?

With healthy nails, gel will normally last 2-4 weeks. Heavily damaged nails (thin nails, brittle nails, bitten nails) may not last as long as it normally would. It is also depends on how you use your nails. For example, opening box without using scissors or soaking your hands in the water for long time can often cause lifting, chipping of your nails.

What is press-on nails?

Press-on nails are easy temporary damage-free way to enjoy nail art. It can apply with nail glue or adhesive stickers and easily removed with soap and warm water. Never use super glue directly onto your nails, it might cause damage to your nails.

How long do these last on nails?

It can last from few days to over 2weeks, depending on what you apply with. If you want them to stay for a day or two for special occasion, I would recommend using adhesive stickers.

Can I reuse them?

Yes, press-on nails last almost permanently with proper care. Please DO NOT use acetone or polish remover

How do I make them last?

Please follow the instruction and avoid putting lotion, oil or hand sanitizer right after application.

How do I remove?

Simply soak your hand into warm soapy water for couple minutes and gently peel off or just leave them as long as you like until they pop off by its own. NEVER USE NAIL POLISH REMOVER/ ACETONE because all press ons are made out of soak-off gel, these solvent will ruin it and you will be not able to reuse them.

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