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This kit will include:

  • custom sized, designed nails (10 nail sets)

  • mini buffer 

  • mini file

  • adhesive stickers 

  • nail glue

  • alcohol wipe

Custom Press-on Designs

Press-on nails are made with 100% high quality gel. It is way more flexible and better fitting than plastic nail tips!  All nails are made to order

How to order press-on.☟

1. Order sizing kit to find out your nail size. 

Sizing kits are available for purchase from here

Follow the steps and send back the kit to me!


1. Do you live in Seattle area? Schedule an appointment with me and I can do sizing for you! (takes about 20min max)

2.  Purchase "deposit" (non-refundable) from my store. Once the deposit is received I will contact you within 72hrs for consultation.

If you purchased sizing kit, it will ship to you with in 48hrs.

3. Once you receive your quote, pay the remain balance and you are all set! Processing time before shipment is1-2weeks .Please do not wait until last min to place an order. 

Instruction ☟

*Please handle it with care! 

With proper care, nail tips can be used indefinitely.


Prep your nails-

Wash your hand and push back your cuticle, trim & file you nails if necessary

Soaking your hand in warm water helps to soften your cuticles



Clean the nail surface-

Lightly buff surface with buffer for more adhesion



Choose your favorite adhesive-

Use adhesive sticker for daily use

Nail glue will last for few days~weeks - 

*DO NOT use Super glue!! It might damage your nail, skin and nail tips!




Removing press-on is easy!-

Soak your hand into warm soapy water for few min, gently push the nail tip from cuticle side


If you don’t need to reuse them, wrap your finger in acetone with aluminum foil 




If there is any residue, clean them with alcohol and let it dry

*NEVER use nail polish remover or acetone, it might cause discoloration or other damage

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