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Welcome to my press on nail page!

Does any of  this apply to you??

・I don't get my nails done regularly at nail salon

・I cannot keep gel nails on because of personal reason (e.g. Job, medical etc...)

・I like to change my nails more frequently depending on my mood/ outfit 

・I cannot find nail salon near me that does art work 

・I want to keep my favorite nail design set and reuse them 

・I do not like to spend long time at nail salon to get my nails done

​・I cannot find time to go to nail salon

​・I want to try gel nails but I am worry about health of my nails

​・I always peel my gel off when I get my nails done

What is press-on anyways??

Press-ons are quick way to wear nail art.
Unlike regular gel nails it is temporary but what makes them great is that they are easy to wear and also reusable!

Removing press-on is easy. Simply, soak your hands into soapy water and peel them off gently, and voilà! you can remove them with no damage to your natural nails!
You can wear them as long as you want, as little as you want!
I use molding silicone to make mold of your nails. All press-ons are made to order. It is specially made for you! The tips are made from 100% high quality soak off gel.

Are. you interested??

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